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dc.contributor.authorPuello Alcocer, Elsy Ceciliaspa
dc.contributor.authorOrtega Montes, Jorge Eliécerspa
dc.contributor.authorValencia Jiménez, Nydia Ninaspa
dc.description.abstractObjective: To identify the social factors associated with the informal agricultural workers’ health in Monteria. Methods: Descriptive study which involves 100 agricultural workers who were selected using the simple random sampling technique per household. The quantitative data collection was done through surveys and focus groups. Confidence intervals of 95%, a maximum error of 0.07 and a probability of success of 0.2 were assumed. Results: The average age range of agricultural workers ranged from 18 to 87 years old, 90% of them are linked to the sector as laborers and only 1% is insured by the contributory Social Security System in Health. 20% of agricultural workers are illiterate, 24% did not finish the elementary school and 97% have no personal protective equipment to perform the activities of the field. Seven out of ten workers suffer morbidity related to occupational activity and six out of ten were injured in the last year. Most of them are disappointed because working conditions affect their health, and they cannot overcome themselves because their educational conditions and social opportunities do not allow them to do other activities. Conclusion: The poor working conditions and the workers’ dissatisfaction are an important group of social factors that explain the backwardness of the rural population in health and social
dc.rightsCopyright Universidad de Córdoba, 2016spa
dc.subjectEducation, occupational health, rural population. (Source: Decs Bireme)spa
dc.titleFactores sociales asociados a la salud de los trabajadores informales agrícolas de la ciudad de Montería - Córdoba, Colombiaspa
dc.title.alternativeSocial factors associated with the informal agricultural workers’ health in the city of Montería - Córdoba, Colombiaeng
dc.typeArtículo de revistaspa

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